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Dr. Anna Maria Prezio
Power & Prosperity with Feng Shui and Color Ebook

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Magnetizing Yourself
Astara Teal Summers
Expand With Love~ A Guide to Recognizing Love
in the Midst of Change
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Enrich Your Life Series: Eliminating Negative Beliefs
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A free seat to a Life Planning Day led by Daryl Wizelman in December 2011 in Calabasas, CA.
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No Lie: Truth Is the Ultimate Sales Tool
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Top Twelve Stress Busters
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Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck
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Maureen "MGM"  G. Mulvaney
The Science of Getting Rich EBook
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Tips on Goal Setting & Guided Meditation MP3
Auriella O'Neill
The Auriella Show
Awaken to Your Spiritual Power
Hunt Henion
Magical Mechanisms of the World Revealed
Chapter of the Best-Selling book,
Looking, Seeing & Knowing.
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An Audio Interview with author Kim Romaner
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Love” E-Book and a "Find Your Soul Mate"
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Women’s Health Educator
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I show you how to make this a reality"

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How To Live A Low Stress Life
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Peggy McColl interviews Dina Proctor, author of the upcoming book "Madly Chasing Peace" and creator of the
3x3 meditation method.
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Peggy McColl
Free Event - "Making a Million Look Small"
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4 great bonus gifts from Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.

BONUS GIFT #1 - The Forgiveness Diet

Dr. Walter Jacobson discusses in detail, in a series of radio interviews, the components of his revolutionary
90-Day Forgiveness Diet Program designed to eliminate unconscious, self-sabotaging behaviors getting in the way
of people’s happiness, health, success and prosperity. This bonus gift, containing seven ½-hour MP3 audio downloads,
is A MUST- HAVE COMPANION SET to his Best-Selling book, Forgive To Win!

Einstein Meets His Match - A Science-Fantasy Novel by Dr. Walter E. Jacobson

With the assistance of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, 76-year old Einstein explores
his dreams, hallucinogens, astral projection and parallel universes in his struggle to discover the Unified Field Theory
and ease his guilt-ridden conscience. He is unable to make a breakthrough until he invents a device that folds time
and space, bringing him face-to-face with his 36-year old self, who helps him to resolve his guilt and solve the mathematical
puzzle that has been plaguing him for forty years.

BONUS GIFT #3 -  How to Succeed in Relationships

Most relationships fail because people don’t know how to communicate effectively in terms of expressing their feelings,
getting their needs met and negotiating compromise. This bonus e-book contains ten excellent articles written by Best-Selling
author Dr. Walter Jacobson which will provide the reader with valuable insights and powerful tools that can be used to repair
damaged relationships and restore emotional intimacy.

BONUS GIFT #4 - The Psychology of Success

Success in any endeavor requires the capacity to neutralize negative thinking and catastrophic fear thoughts which can be extremely immobilizing. This bonus e-book contains ten excellent articles written by Best-Selling author Dr. Walter Jacobson which will provide the reader with valuable insights and powerful tools to maintain a positive attitude and avoid self--defeating behaviors in order to persist, persevere and prosper. 
The bonuses below are offered by
Walter Jacobson's friends and colleagues for your pleasure and enlightenment. Enjoy!
Denise Cassino
8 keys to Your #1 Bestseller

Alex Makarski
"The Ancient Secret To Vitality, Health, and Longevity"
Dan Weigold
FREE - 2 hrs of Laser Coaching
Adam King
"Tessera Method: A Journey to You"
Kerri Salls – Goal Achievement Expert
7 Ways to Easily Achieve Any Goal Fast
Bobbie Stevens, Ph.D.
  Unlimited Futures Discovered E-book

Dean Portinga, Th.D., Ph.D
Introduction to Spiritual Insights, e book
Intuitive Angelic Abundance Coach SAGE, CHT, RM
"Angelic Abundance & Self-Love Pack!"
With Bonus Prosperous Goddess Chakra MP3
Mary Sue Penn
How to Find Your Aces in the Hole e-book

A big thank you to Denise Cassino for
helping coordinate this launch!