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Ken D. Foster, Author, Speaker, Business Coach, Founder Premier Coaching - "I have done healing work for years and picked up Forgive to Win for a family member, but when I reviewed the book, I found myself healing past wounds I didn't know existed in quantum time.  What I found is that this book holds the key to unlimited success and an abundant life.  I highly recommend it.."

Ron Stebelton, M.Ed., CPC, Eagle Leadership Consulting -  I have been through Dr. Walter Jacobson’s new book Forgive to Win several times now. And, each time I go through it I learn something new. If we all came to earth with an owner’s manual for life, it would be a grand experience for all who choose to read it. At the core of that imaginary owner’s manual for life would be Dr. Jacobson’s Forgive to Win. When we choose to harbor ill feelings toward others by not unconditionally forgiving them, we choose to attract even more resentment and negativity into our lives. This powerful book will transform you and those around you. I encourage you to buy several copies, and then give them away. You will be empowered as you do. Thanks Walter for giving the world the cure for self-sabotage and the key to attracting lasting success.

Anne Merkel. Ph.D.Therapist, EFT Coach - “No matter your beliefs or self-help skills set, this book is for you! In a gentle way you will be able to shift your life as you shift your perceptions of life and others around you. Dr. Walter Jacobson’s new book Forgive To Win! offers rationale, explanation, and hand-held instruction so that you can utilize his simple procedures and understand why they will work in your life. I read the entire book on a short plane trip, and you will enjoy this easy yet profound read that can change your life!”

Dr. Aymee Coget, CEO of the American Happiness Association - Dr. Walter Jacobson, in his book, Forgive To Win!, does an excellent job in demonstrating the importance of unconditional forgiveness, one of life's greatest emotional and spiritual challenges. At the same time, he makes the case that unconditional forgiveness holds the key to physical well-being and prosperity.  Dr. Jacobson makes the understanding and application of the forgiveness process fun and practical!  Everyone who wishes to gain a greater experience of success, sustainable happiness, and inner peace needs to read his book.

Dr. Walter Jacobson, a graduate of Cornell University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the UCLA / San Fernando Valley Psychiatry Residency Program, is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who has been in private practice in the Los Angeles area since 1999. He specializes in insight-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, spiritual psychotherapy, couples therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and past life regression therapy.

In addition, he is a Motivational & Inspirational Speaker and a Mastery Of Life Mentor guiding people towards the fulfillment of their goals and dreams. His blogs and podcasts offer people spiritual techniques and cognitive tools for achieving happiness, physical well-being, prosperity, and success in all realms of their lives.

Most people don't get what they want in their lives, no matter how hard they try, because they sabotage themselves. They procrastinate. They resist. They don't follow through. They don't do the things that they know are in their best interests. They engage in a variety of unconscious, self-defeating behaviors that generate roadblocks and potholes on their path to success and self-fulfillment. The end result is a life of limitation, frustration, and disappointment.

It doesn't have to be that way. When you eliminate the guilt, shame, and self-loathing deeply-embedded in your unconscious mind which generate your self-sabotaging behaviors, your world changes for the better: You start attracting people and circumstances that cooperate with your goals and propel you towards the manifestation of all your hopes and dreams.



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When you re-program your mind to neutralize your negative, harsh Inner Critic, that voice inside yourself that subconsciously causes you to sabotage your opportunities and best efforts,

Opportunities miraculously appear.
Positive people are attracted to you who cooperate with you, share their blessings,
and help you to succeed and prosper.


The Forgiveness Diet is a structured program that teaches you how to do this.
It's not complicated. And it works! By consistently practicing a daily regimen
of thoughts, actions and exercises
devoted to accepting, forgiving and being of service to others,
your self-esteem increases at a deep, unconscious level,
which causes your subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction to work
with your conscious efforts rather than against them,
the end result being more positive and prosperous outcomes in all realms of your life.


Kimberly Ferrin

James Gierman

Barbara Hall

Jacqueline Dunn

Norman Goldman

Mihir Shah
“Forgive to Win! is one of the most to the point and take responsibility books I’ve read. There is a purpose to every word and it hits you and uplifts you at the same time -and it’s a quick read. Dr. Jacobson has a message that works! Like he says, just give it 90 days and see what can happen. I’m proof, and it can happen for you too!”

“I read your book last night and I honestly say to you that it is excellent. Your writing is fantastic and the way you organized the concept and your ideas works really well.”

“Just finished your wonderful book on forgiveness. Tremendous. Such a hard topic to tackle. I really was impressed by your tool, The Forgiveness Diet. I am 73 years old and I agree that forgiveness is a process needed throughout the day just like sensible meals.”

“My mother read the book, and last week I brought her and my sister together for the first time in 3 years. It was a a lot of factors that worked, and I’m sure your book was one of them. Thank you, and continued success!”

"Dr. Jacobson has written an instructive and commonsense book that effectively succeeds in creating a concise, comprehensible guide with harmonious advice that will be of practical use to anyone who is interested in achieving happiness, well-being and material success. It covers a huge subject adopting a very sage approach that is different from the usual cheerleading method often prevalent in books of a similar nature."

Forgive to Win! by Walter E. Jacobson is a book of self-help and self-discovery reminiscent of best-selling books like The Secret and The Power of Now. While those books are excellent, Forgive to Win! takes self-help to a whole new level by showing individuals just how to apply its principles into their daily lives--for amazing results.

4 great bonus gifts from Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.

BONUS GIFT #1 - The Forgiveness Diet

Dr. Walter Jacobson discusses in detail, in a series of radio interviews, the components of his revolutionary
90-Day Forgiveness Diet Program designed to eliminate unconscious, self-sabotaging behaviors getting in the way
of people’s happiness, health, success and prosperity. This bonus gift, containing seven ½-hour MP3 audio downloads,
is A MUST- HAVE COMPANION SET to his Best-Selling book, Forgive To Win!

BONUS GIFT #2 - Einstein Meets His Match - A Science-Fantasy Novel by Dr. Walter E. Jacobson

With the assistance of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, 76-year old Einstein explores
his dreams, hallucinogens, astral projection and parallel universes in his struggle to discover the Unified Field Theory
and ease his guilt-ridden conscience. He is unable to make a breakthrough until he invents a device that folds time
and space, bringing him face-to-face with his 36-year old self, who helps him to resolve his guilt and solve the mathematical
puzzle that has been plaguing him for forty years.

BONUS GIFT #3 -  How to Succeed in Relationships

Most relationships fail because people don’t know how to communicate effectively in terms of expressing their feelings,
getting their needs met and negotiating compromise. This bonus e-book contains ten excellent articles written by Best-Selling
author Dr. Walter Jacobson which will provide the reader with valuable insights and powerful tools that can be used to repair
damaged relationships and restore emotional intimacy.

BONUS GIFT #4 - The Psychology of Success
Ken Foster
3 Great Bonuses to Help You Succeed!
Watch this video by Dr. Walter E. Jacobson speaking about his new book, Forgive to Win!
Mastering the Mind, Breaking the Code to Success and The Secret to Keeping Commitments by Ken Foster, Author, Ask and You Will Succeed
Founder, Premier Coaching
CEO of Shared Vision Network

Ken Foster shows readers how to solve any problem, any time, any place by asking the right questions. Ask and You Will Succeed is based on the commanding questions that govern the creative laws of success, and shatters the myth that success is the result of the advice, hard work, or driving ambition of others.

An excerpt from Dr. Pam Popper’s popular book Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis, this free ebooklet will describe the relationship between diet and health and outline the parameters of Dr. Pam’s program of dietary excellence. Science-based, includes references.

13.5 Hour unabridged Audio Book mp3 download of Dr. Will Tuttle's acclaimed #1 Amazon Best-seller, The World Peace Diet, read by the author.

Dr. Will Tuttle, pianist, composer, and educator, is author of the acclaimed best-seller, The World Peace Diet. A recipient of the prestigious Courage of Conscience Award, and vegan since 1980, he is a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, and has created eight CD albums of uplifting original piano music.

Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, MS, ACSM provides customized fitness and intuitive eating programs for women who want to start living now instead of waiting to lose weight or get in shape. You will learn to take back your power over food and reignite your relationship with your body. Gillian’s coaching specialties include overcoming emotional overeating and fitness motivation.

You really can eat what you love without guilt or weight gain! Put an end to obsession & guilt for good. Get your life back! Learn how to put an end to destructive dieting and create a healthy relationship with food for life.

Gina Mollicone -Long
Full Electronic Version of best-selling book,
The Secret of Successful Failing
Malcolm Dayton, LPC, CPC
  WholeSelf Reharmonizing™

Ruben James
Super Alpha Mind-Brain Rejuvenation Guided Meditation Audio
Will Tuttle
The World Peace Diet Audio Book
Kamran Akbarzadeh
4 Gifts in the Dream Achievers Bonus Package
Sound Transformation Starter Kit
Peggy McColl
Free Event - "Making a Million Look Small"
Dr. Jennifer Howard
Tips on Goal Settings & Guided Meditatioon MP3
Anisa Aven
Vibration Elevation Formula
Christy Whitman
Magnetizing Yourself
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No matter how many books you've read on personal growth; No matter how many audios you've listened to on achieving your dreams;No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you've paid to help you realize your goals; If you aren't using the ©Vibration Elevation Formulas then you're taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment  Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.

Award winning author, keynote speaker, Huffington Post columnist, consultant and personal mentor.

Too often people tend to focus on what they donʼt have in life rather than the incredible good they do have. An attitude of gratitude automatically brings with it a shift in consciousness which says: I am open to receiving with a grateful heart. This Gratitude Journal will open the gateway to receiving greater good in every area of your life.

Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, and motivational speaker. She is also CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM. Christy has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, coaching sessions and products. Christy has been quoted in Seventeen, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, Teen Vogue, The Star Ledger, and Knot Magazine. Meet her at and
Jennifer Howard, Ph.D. is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, Integrated Kabbalistic HealerŽ, Integrated Energy Healer, life coach, author and professional speaker. She is a co-founder of the Healing Path Center and maintains a private practice with offices in New York City and Huntington, L.I., New York, as well as an extensive phone practice. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Howard brings together her more than 20 years of experience, extensive training and expertise in mind-body psychology, meditation, and a variety of the healing arts. She has been a faculty member of the graduate studies program of A Society of Souls and is currently a supervisor.  

Mark Harrison
30 Days to Change Your Life
One of the most notable qualities shared by great leaders is the ability to learn and benefit from failure and setback. The difference between good and great is the discipline of regarding failure as useful feedback and leveraging the lessons learned to create a new successful outcome. Leaders use failure as a springboard to success.The Secret of Successful Failing shows why failure is a good thing and how you can leverage it. It provides workable ways of reframing how you look at failure so you can use the inherent lessons in support of yourself and your dreams. It delivers a wealth of practical techniques for turning yourself around so you can confidently move toward your objectives.
Mike Robbins
The Power of Appreciation

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D.
Free booklet: “You Can Prevent, Stop and Reverse Disease With Diet”
One of the most powerful, yet overlooked aspects of success and fulfillment is the power of appreciation. In order to fulfill your true purpose, and create genuine happiness in your life, appreciation of yourself, others, and life itself is essential.  In this audio program, Mike Robbins illustrates exactly how appreciation impacts your success and fulfillment, as well as those around you. He uses specific examples and offers valuable techniques that truly make a difference.

Enhance learning, ESP and mind power by tuning in to our planet's rejuvenating frequency of 7.83 Hz - the Schumann Resonance - 'Earth's heartbeat' mixed with beautiful modern classical music
Scientific studies have also shown that this frequency can help relieve stress, accelerate healing and strengthen your immune system
Become aware of new opportunities in your life - increase perception and awareness by building new neural pathways in your brain with cutting edge brainwave entrainment and binaural beats
Become more tolerant, optimistic, compassionate, resourceful and humorous by balancing your heart chakra with exquisite enhanced heart chakra relaxation music
Ruben James spent over 28 years developing his own processes taken from ancient mystical knowledge, quantum physics and the latest discoveries of spirit-mind-body connection to successfully bring himself out of severe alcoholism, drug abuse and depression and is now sharing his amazing discoveries through the Quantum Experience.

"This audio is the beginning of Conscious Awareness! The beginning of taking control of which thoughts we will allow to take "center stage" and which thoughts will be determined to be of little or no essence, to take control over your life!"
Bonus #1: First chapter of Kamran’s Amazon best-selling book, Leadership Soup.

Bonus #2: Kamran’s popular e-book 101 Super Tips for a Better Life which is the result of what he has learned over the past several years.

Bonus #3: Kamran also helps people achieve their dreams and vision. The Dream Achievers Roadmap training video teaches you the six steps of dream achieving process.

Bonus #4: Access to Kamran’s recent webinar on How to Grow Yourself and Your Business through Leadership Soup Formula.

Mark Harrison is a freelance writer and educator. He writes for a number of self-improvement websites and is the author of Thirty Days to Change Your Life and Sail with the Wind. His writing covers a wide range of self-improvement topics, but especially focuses on increasing productivity while reducing workload, and managing change. Harness the power of your thoughts and emotions and experience effortless abundance with this 30 day eCourse. This free eCourse lays out for you, step by step, how to dramatically change your life for the better… in only 30-days. Yes, you can take the time tested, transformational principles in this course to experience everything you’ve wanted out of life for so long, but were never able to achieve…until now!.
WholeSelf Reharmonizing™ accelerates and deeply embeds desired changes by redefining and realigning your personal history and identity with more positive,
empowered experiences.  Relaxed, you simply listen to targeted brainwave patterns, hypno-suggestions, &
affirmations.  You receive 3 pre-formatted, 20 minute WSR sessions, including:

 Self Healing
 Optimal Performance
 Abundance

Dennis Merritt-Jones
A 30-Day Conscious Gratitude Journal
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Success in any endeavor requires the capacity to neutralize negative thinking and catastrophic fear thoughts which can be extremely immobilizing. This bonus e-book contains ten excellent articles written by Best-Selling author Dr. Walter Jacobson which will provide the reader with valuable insights and powerful tools to maintain a positive attitude and avoid self--defeating behaviors in order to persist, persevere and prosper. 
Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, MS, ACSM
The Six Steps to Guilt-Free Eating